Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

Thick and creamy overnight oats peppered with fresh raspberries and dark chocolate chips. Make ahead and perfect for hot mornings, these prove you can eat chocolate for breakfast! 

Isn’t perspective a strange thing…?

How something can have such an effect on someone, yet someone else reads it and thinks “oh well, that’s your opinion. Never mind.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I tell it how I see it. Everything I say on my blog is the truth in my eyes. It’s how I feel about something, how I see something someone’s said or done; If you make people I love feel bad, I will call you out, but someone else could read it and be like “oh well” and not even know/care what I’m saying. I read plenty of blogs/sites and when someone says something, I’m just like “OK, that’s your opinion” and that’s totally fine. It might not be my view, but I would never try and change someone else’s opinion, so I don’t see why I have to change mine or not say anything because someone might not like it. This is my blog.

I wasn’t put on this Earth to be liked by everyone and I am completely fine with that, but I will always be protective of my parents, brother and fiancé.

Anyway, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the fact I just made it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast!

And it’s dark chocolate too, so you get the benefits of flavonoids and antioxidants! It really is the perfect breakfast!

There’s a whole cup of raspberries in these overnight oats too, so you get one of your 5 a day AND chocolate all in one!

I would like the next sentence to be “Come summer in England, I suddenly crave cold breakfasts and put the hot bowl of porridge to one side for a few months” – however, for the last two days it’s been bucketing down here and back to being rather chilly, at least for June!

It was so lovely over the weekend and on Monday, then come Tuesday morning roads were flooding, the rain was almost sideways and I had to run from the car to the tattoo studio, but still ended up looking like a drowned rat!

That’s something exciting that happened this week! I got a new tattoo! I honestly never, ever thought I’d get another tattoo. I had 5 minutes of rebellion at 18 and got a star on my wrist which isn’t that great and I went off it years ago.

However, after Poppy passed away, I wanted something to remember her by, something that would mean she’s always with me. I decided on one single poppy flower (I swear I wrote this 4 times and it kept coming out flour. Too much baking!!!), because there will only ever be one Poppy for me.

It turned out so awesome, even better than I hoped or dreamed, the detail close up is just insane! I LOVE it!

For everyone who is enjoying some lovely, warm weather, then these delicious overnight oats are just the ticket to get your day started right!

The raspberries add a lovely sweet tang and the dark chocolate chips cut through the sweetness with just the right amount of bitterness.

You can use honey to sweeten these oats, or sweetener, or agave. I’ve made them with both agave and sweetener and love them both ways. I haven’t tried honey as I’m highly allergic!

So funny how you can be fine with an ingredient most of your life, then one day have this hideous reaction as soon as you eat it. I get the sharpest, most painful stabbing pains in my tummy when I eat honey and also feel ridiculously sick.

I also found out recently it has an effect in cosmetics too!

I used a lip balm which was the most amazing lip balm I’ve ever put on my lips. The texture was fabulous, but within a day my whole chin and half my cheek were covered in a rash. As soon as I stopped using, it went away! So, I think I’ll be staying away from honey in the future!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

Thick and creamy overnight oats peppered with fresh raspberries and dark chocolate chips. Make ahead and perfect for hot mornings, these prove you can eat chocolate for breakfast! 

Prep Time  6 hours
Total Time 6 hours
Servings   3
Author     Annie N


3 cups (240g) rolled oats, not quick cook
1 cup (125g) fresh raspberries
1/3 cup (58g) dark chocolate chips
Pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups (360ml) milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp agave nectar/honey/sweetener, I used Canderel sweetener


1.Place oats, raspberries, chocolate chips and salt into a large bowl and stir briefly to combine. 

2.Place milk, vanilla extract and sweetener of your choice into a jug and briefly whisk to combine.

3.Pour the wet ingredients into the dry, stir until everything is well combined and all the oats are coated in the milk mixture.

4.Cover the bowl with cling film and place in the fridge for 6-8 hours. Once chilled, divide into 2-3 bowls and enjoy! 

5.Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats will keep covered, in the fridge, for 3 days. You can also place them in a bowl and microwave them for 1 minute if you prefer your oats warm.


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