An easy and tasty Italian Sausage Bread Stuffing with chunks of  vegetarian Italian Sausage, pears, mushrooms and hearty sourdough cubes. This is definitely a keeper for Thanksgiving.
I think as well as almost the whole country having a giant turkey to eat this Thanksgiving, some kind of stuffing would also be a sure bet. You need it on the side to help soak up that rich gravy and the amazing pan juices from the turkey, am I right?
I like my stuffing chunky and full of good quality bread, no teeny crumbs on my plate and the stuffing always seems to taste better after a few days.

For my last Lightlife ambassador recipe of 2016 I’m giving you a super-tasty flavor loaded bread stuffing with huge chunks of Lightlife Italian Sausage mixed through it. Things can’t really get any better than that! Of course the fresh thyme, brown mushrooms and cinnamon help to make this one of the best stuffing recipes I’ve tasted. But those chunks of Lightlife Italian Smart Sausage are key to this recipe. Made from soy protein and with all of the traditional Italian spices, these sausages are low calorie and still manage to pack a hefty protein punch for your daily routines.

This recipe will easily make enough stuffing to feed six to eight bellies. Mind you, if anyone loves stuffing as much as me that ratio might have to be lowered. I think the recipe would also work really well with any other Lightlife sausage, such as the chorizo or harvest apple.
Bake this in the oven covered for the first 30 minutes and then take off the foil so that the bread can get those awesome crouton style crusty toasty edges. You can also prep it the day before so that all you have to do on Thanksgiving is pop it in the oven.
Things can get a little crazy on that day especially if you invite all of your family and then they invite their friends!



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