Today’s post has been a long time coming! I’ve got a wonderful post on how to frost a beautifully smooth cake, but until now didn’t have one for cupcakes. I’m so glad to finally fix that!

The first thing to talk about is frosting. I most often use an American Buttercream, but have also used these piping techniques with stabilized whipped cream, meringue frosting and even some with chocolate ganache.

The next thing is that I often hear people say that their frosting is too thick or thin. I’ve got great post on frosting consistency that should be able to answer your questions on how make your frosting so that it’s just right. It’s really all about the balance between the thickness and volume given by the powdered sugar and the amount of butter and milk or water, which soften the frosting.

One you’ve got your frosting ready to go, you’ll need the right tools. Cupcakes are certainly simpler than cakes, so you mainly need your piping bags, piping tips, perhaps an offset spatula and maybe some fun sprinkles. Here are my faves:

Next up is frosting the cupcakes! To see how to frost the cupcakes, check out this video below and see the photos and descriptions/directions below. Both should be helpful in seeing the different looks and methods.

1. To create this look, I start by adding a dollop in the center of the cupcake. Hold the bag perpendicular to the cupcake. Add some pressure to the piping bag and allow a little frosting to come out, then pull up and away and release the pressure. The dollop works as a guide for the next step and helps the frosting on top not collapse in the center.
2. Going around the dollop in the center, start frosting the cupcake around the edge. As you complete a full circle, move the piping bag slightly inward to create the next circle rotation. Continue piping, moving inward for three full rotations, plus a small one on top. Release the pressure and pull the bag away.

For The Full Instructions, Please Visit The Full Recipes:


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