12 Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves

12 Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves | Dessert Recipes Fruit, Dessert Recipes For Kids, Dessert Recipes Easy, Breakfast Recipes For Kids, Breakfast Recipes Omelettes, Easy Recipes For Kids To Make, Easy Recipes For Beginners #easymeals #easykidsmeals #kidsmeals #kids #meals #easyrecipe #easyrecipeforkids #breakfast #omelettes #chicken #potpie #chickenpotpie #cereal

12 Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves | Dessert Recipes Fruit, Dessert Recipes For Kids, Dessert Recipes Easy, Breakfast Recipes For Kids, Breakfast Recipes Omelettes, Easy Recipes For Kids To Make, Easy Recipes For Beginners #easymeals #easykidsmeals #kidsmeals #kids #meals #easyrecipe #easyrecipeforkids #breakfast #omelettes #chicken #potpie #chickenpotpie #cereal

12 Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves:

  • Macaroni and Cheese. A dish that is loved by kids all across America! Your child will love to know he can make this no-blue-box recipe.
  • Spinach Ricotta Shells. These are healthy and are fun to fill with cheese. This could be a classier dish your child could cook for the grandparents.
  • Five Spiced Baked Fish. This recipe is so simple, but bursting with flavors. Add a few fresh squeezes of lime for a zesty finish!
  • Tortilla Pizza. My kids love how little time it takes to make this popular dish. Less than 15 minutes and they will be chowing down on some thin-crust pizza! Yum!
  • Cranberry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. This would be perfect for an older child that loves chocolate chips for breakfast! You don’t have to mention that granola bars are healthy, just point out the chocolate chips and cranberries! This recipe went fast at our house!
  • Chicken Pot Pie — Tortilla Style. Save some tortillas from the tortilla pizza recipe and let your child whip up a hearty dinner. This is one of my oldest son’s favorite recipes!
  • Easy Quiche. Another perfect breakfast meal! Quiches are simple and hard to mess up. Your kids will love that this dish has loads of cheese in it!
  • Tuna Melts. This was probably one of my kids’ first lunch recipes they tried. We typically just make or family’s version of tuna salad and throw a piece of cheese on it and bake the sandwich in the oven for about 10 minutes. Simple, quick and cheesy — three very important factors for a kid-friendly meal!
  • Cereal. This simple meal works well for a late dinner or a busy morning. Just open a box and pour! Get recipe here or here
  • Yogurt Parfaits. A healthy and fun breakfast. Just lay out nuts berries, rolled oats or granola and let your kids make their own yogurt parfaits for breakfast or a snack!
  • Soup and Salad. Just pick your favorite canned soups and heat and eat. Add a bagged salad, some shredded cheese, croutons and dressing and your child has made their first complete, easy meal!
  • Omelettes. Share your family’s traditional omelette recipe with your kiddo. You’ll be surprised how fast they can learn how to flip an omelette!

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