Best Dreamcicle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Remember how last week was really crazy and stressful because I had a project due, a midterm, we bought a house and moved in, and my brother moved out of state?

And how the worst thing imaginable happened?

Pierre broke down.

Pierre is my camera. My beloved canon 7D. He broke.

Seriously, my worst nightmare.

There I was, about to take a shot from the perfect angle of some delicious chilled oreo fudge (oh my gosh so good) and bam. Pierre totally goes dark, nothing will work, and I'm in a total panic.

I tried everything in the book. (And everything on the web...) Nothing fixed him. I even replaced his "brain" battery.

Still nothing.

I must've spent 3 hours trying to revive him.

But dead he stayed.

So I spent the next hour making lengthy and frustrating phone calls all over the country to Canon help technicians trying to get the matter resolved. 

In the end they said I'd need to ship Pierre to their manufacturing site out of state.

In total desperation and in the hopes that I might get him fixed quicker, I took him to a shop in downtown Salt Lake City that came highly recommended.

I "checked" him in to their care and spent a really miserable weekend gorging myself on some incredible desserts that need to be photographed and shared with the world.

But alas they are gone. And unphotographed. So I must make them again. (Aw shucks.)

I am praying to heaven that they can fix Pierre PRONTO. Because quite honestly I'm running out of photographed recipes to post!! 

Thankfully, these Dreamcicle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches were already in my repertoire. Phew!

They truly are so dreamy. The cookies are soft and chewy with loads of white chocolate morsels so you're sure to get some in every bite. They are amazingly delicious all by their lonesome really. But paired with the vanilla bean ice cream... ah! Heaven in my mouth.

And so perfect for summer. I insist that you make a batch of these, kick off your sandals, and lay on a blanket on the grass enjoying these dreamy little babies. Go on, do it for heaven's sake! You'll be sure to thank me later.

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