Best Grilled Chicken with Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe

I'm in a terrible panic about Summer coming to a close. 

I'm frantically trying to get all of my Summer bucket list items checked off. I haven't been to a fair, or a rodeo, had a meal of tin-foil dinners, or taken a joy ride down a water slide. 

And I'm grilling everything in sight. 

Take this dish for example.

Chicken? Grilled.

Jalapeños? Grilled.

Green onions? Grilled.

I really wanted to grill the mangos but unfortunately I ran out of room . We are roughing it at the new house with a few make-shift things. Such as the grill. 

It's actually one of those tabletop camping stove barbecues. We borrowed it from my folks. Eventually we'd like to get a big fancy stainless steel grill of our own. I have big dreams for all of the things I'd like to grill on one of those babies. 

But at the moment we are enjoying our little barbecue on loan. It chars like a dream. It's just a little on the petite side. 

Can you grill cilantro? I'll probably try it eventually but for this dish I kept it cold and fresh. We've talked a bit about my cilantro-love before. You know I can't live without it. And you know I believe there can never, ever be too much cilantro. So if you're feel in it, add a few more sprigs of the beautiful stuff, you won't  be sorry.

If you want to make the salsa ahead, maybe even the night before, you can. I'd actually recommend it. The flavors will be able to mingle that much longer. Plus that's one less step come dinner time. 

This recipe was so so good. A keeper. It's probably going to make my favorite-grilled-chicken-recipes list. 

*Inspiration provided by Martha Stewart Living

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