Best Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing Recipe

This recipe is soooo easy and soooo so good. Basically a bunch of my favorite ingredients and flavors all piled on top of a bed of lettuce. Which makes it a salad. Which makes it healthy. Right? Right.

You already know I love cilantro with a passion unparalleled (just check out these quesadillas or this incredible 30 minute shrimp pad thai for proof!) and you are also aware of my fondness of avocados (enter tangy bacon feta quacamole here). 

But did you know that I crave black beans regularly? No, you probably didn't. But one look at this Mexican Volcano Dip and these Pineapple Mesquite Chicken Wraps will tell all. 

And this summer I've fallen in love. With grilled corn. Ohhhh my. I'm not sure how I lived so many years of my life not grilling corn. I mean, how on earth was I eating it before?? I can't even remember. All I can think is grill it grill it grill it...... 

And I really really like barbecue flavors. Remember those Chipotle BBQ Burgers? Yeah. Barbecue heaven. 

This salad has all of those flavors guys. So naturally it must be insanely delicious. And the best part is the slow cooker. Just threw it in the pot on my way out the door the other morning. Done deal. BBQ chicken salad for dinner. Loved it. Try it, you will too!!! 

*Dressing slightly adapted from Shared Appetite

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