Delicious Santa Fe Chicken Tacos Recipe

Okay I really really like avocados. Maybe it's the color. Green is my favorite color. And a good, perfectly ripe avocado has the most gorgeous two-tone green color going on. Plus green just screams HEALTHY to me. Which makes it just that much better.

And cilantro. Oh I can never have enough cilantro. I once dated a guy who took me to Cafe Rio (if you have not visited this incredible food establishment your life is seriously lacking) and ordered his tostada without cilantro.


No Cilantro?


He said it was too spicy. What the...?? Where do you get off with a crazy idea like that? I've never even heard of cilantro being described as "spicy" in my whole life. I really don't know how to describe the incredible taste of cilantro other than Delicious. 

And it's impossible to have too much. Not enough? Oh I have encountered that situation many, many times unfortunately. But too much? Never.  I have yet to experience a dish made with too much cilantro. I'm convinced that it just can't be done. That's like saying, "this dish has too much flavor... I'd really prefer something a little more bland please...".

Crazy talk.

That being said, please do not do yourself the injustice of holding back on the cilantro-garnishing. These tacos need to be over-cilantroed. (Cilantroed? Yes, real word.) G'head, put a few more leaves on.

Like Nike so profoundly states...

Just do it.

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