Healthy Banilla Crunch Oatmeal Yogurt Parfait for Breakfast

Banilla. You like it? It's my own creation. Because that is just one fantastic combination. Banana and vanilla. Banilla. :)

But this is a pretty significant milestone for me. See, all my life I have hated, HATED bananas. And when I say hate, I mean in all aspects. The texture surprisingly wasn't the kicker, it was just the flavor. And I had an sixth sense for it, I could detect it's presence anywhere, like a banana radar. If banana was in the room, I knew it. So I grew up with an absolute disdain for the fruit. Sinful I know. For twenty plus years I've heard, "What?? How can you hate bananas??" It seemed that bananas were the universally loved fruit by all and somehow I just did NOT get the memo. 

But, when I started dating the hubby, his mother made banana bread. I'd tried variations of banana bread throughout my life and could never get over the (forgive me...) nasty banana flavor. But I really liked this guy, so naturally I couldn't turn down his mother's offering right?

So I gave it a try. And... I liked it. Of course, it was more heavily laden with chocolate chips than any dessert I'd ever partaken of in my life so that may have helped out the banana in this case. But regardless of how or why it happened, I liked this banana bread.

So it became a thing. "I hate bananas! Except for Ronda's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread." And it stayed that way for almost two years. Her banana bread was the only exception. Til very VERY recently when I embarked on a mission. A mission to end my painful relationship with bananas. 

My family and parents thought I was losing my mind. "But, you HATE bananas... Why would you do this??" The answer is that I really don't know. It could have been my passion for healthy eating that sparked it. Because who hasn't heard of "20 Reasons Why You Should Eat Bananas" right? 

It could have been the versatility. I think ever since I began expanding my culinary horizons over a year ago, I've been secretly jealous of the way bananas just seem to go with everything and anything. Not to mention the convenience! I mean,  you can take them anywhere! So perfect with their own little zip-up jacket that you can remove, discard, and enjoy with no mess. Unlike my beloved pears and peaches. 

And it definitely could have the challenge. I've always loved a challenge. And reversing 21 years of loathing and way of life would absolutely qualify as a challenge. 

Little by little these past months I have began a relationship with bananas. First a little flirting when I dipped them in my favorite Creamcicle Fruit Dip. And then a delicate courtship when I disguised them in my Cake Banatter Smoothies. (These recipes are coming to you soon!)

But we broke up for a minute when I ate one that was not ripe enough. We decided to accept each others' differences and be lifelong friends however. 

So here we are. Me and my buddy, Banana. So versatile, so loyal, so reliable and dependable. It's always surprising me with it's ability to perk me up after a morning workout, or embrace me with it's comforting creaminess at the end of a long day. And so friendly. It gets along with just about any other fruit. 

And our latest development together? This creamy, cinnamony (once again, yes, a real word) concoction, perfect for any time of year, hot or cold. And excellent for any on-the-go breakfast, lunch, or heck... Dessert!  I threw this baby together this morning and popped it in the fridge for a few hours so it would be ready to take with me on a trip to the zoo with my Sister's and their kids. It fit right in my bag. And was oh, so delicious. My sisters were more than just a little jealous. :)

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