The BEST White Chocolate Cake Batter Krispies EVER!

These krispies though, they are beyond worth postponing any healthy eating goals. 

I mean I knew they would be good. With white chocolate and cake batter and sprinkles and krispies. 

But I didn't know they would be this good. 

Good enough to have my husband, a traditionally brown-chocolate-only guy, to ask for more the next day. And then almost burst into tears when I informed him I'd given the rest away. 


Looks like I'll be making these again very, very soon.

Alright I'm really making them for myself. 

Only problem is that I used up the last of my white chocolate this afternoon in a batch of fudge that went south on me. So a thirty ninth trip to the store is in order. Ah, what's one more. 

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