Whole30 White Chocolate Chip Lime Cookies Recipe

I can't believe this holiday weekend is almost over. Just like Summer. Where does time go?  And how is it that I can never ever seem to catch up? Time moves forward at the same steady pace, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour... while I keep upping my cruise control. Faster, faster, faster.... And still time eludes me. 

Remember in grade school, how the school year was forever long and seemed to drag by... Nine months felt like an eternity. And now that our years in the "real world" actually work according to the 12 full months, they just zoom by, like a car on the highway. 

It's beyond me. 

But back to the holiday weekend. Happy Memoria Labor Day! (Oops... gotta get my holidays straight here.) We've spent most of the weekend at the lake with my husband's family; boating, relaxing, eating, swimming, eating... (yes I intentionally said eating twice). (Did you see my instagram pics??)

But. My mother asked me to make cookies for the family Labor Day BBQ.  So before I ran out the door for the drive to the Lake (and I do mean ran since I'm always running about 7 minutes behind schedule) I busted out this batch of cookies. 

I've been on a lime kick. I just can't get enough. And I think it may have started with that insane Coconut Lime {Greek Yogurt} Pound Cake. Followed shortly thereafter by the Blackberry Lime Layer Cake which nearly caused me to bleed to death, burn the house down, and give up cake-baking for eternity. 

We've repaired our relationship however and I will indeed be making more cakes in the future.

Recipe Adapted from The Girl Who Ate Everything

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