Most of the times that you’re on a diet, you faithfully turn to light, sugar and fat free products! Even though most of usLight productstrust them, diabetics consume them daily, while these products have some well kept secrets.

Light products are indeed sugar and animal fat free. In order to keep their delicious taste, manufacturers use artificial sweeteners and artificial fats, which can be dangerous for our health.

First of all the negative effect that they have over the brain isn’t negligible. When you eat very sweet products, that don’t contain sugar (having in mind that saccharine is 300 times sweeter than white sugar), the sweet sensation reaches the brain which gets ready to take over the afferent calories. They don’t exist, so the brain becomes puzzled and a metabolic disorder appears. The human body will thus retain larger quantities from the other food that actually has real calories.

Knowing this mechanism, physicians have declared that people who consume artificial sweeteners are 40% more predisposed to obesity than those that consume “natural” sweets such as fructose or glucose.

Some “light” or artificial fats favor the quick deposit of fat substances on blood vessel walls and are cancerous. Thushydrogenated fats are more dangerous for health than those of animal origin as butter or grease. This doesn’t mean that you have to introduce them in your daily diet, just consume them moderately.

People suffering from diabetes should consume light products only at the physician’s advice, while pregnant womenLight productsand children – who need a surplus of energy, should consume unprocessed, simple and natural food, not light products.

The physician’s recommendation includes light, natural product consumption, like yoghurt, chicken, fish, many vegetables and fruit. Desserts should only consist of fruit, even though they’re very sweet and fatten.

Anything natural, fresh, thus unprocessed is healthier. You can consume low-fat milk and diet yoghurt, but moderately, this being the only accepted light product variant.

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